Charmed - Gone, but Not Forgotten

Title: Gone, but not Forgotten
Written for: Charmed 100
Author's Note: Six related 100 word drabbles.

because your presence still lingers here
and it won't leave me alone

Piper looks at the small baby in her arms and tries to hold back her tears.

She doesn’t know how to reconcile her feelings at both losing and gaining her son on the same day. The logical part of her knows that the Chris who died isn’t the same Chris that she is holding in her arms. The Chris that came back and sacrificed himself gave this baby a new future to look forward to.

But the emotional part of her misses that neurotic whitelighter from the future and knows that this baby is going to be a different man.

Phoebe cries at her desk over one of the letters she just received from a reader.

Dear Phoebe - how do you get over the death of a loved one? it began. She can’t even read the rest because she is so overcome with grief and guilt.

She wonders if things would have turned out differently if she and Paige wouldn’t have kept Chris’s secret for so long.

She knows she can’t dwell on what-ifs. One thing she has learned in all her years as a Charmed One is that everything happens for a reason, whether you like it or not.

Paige hides out in the attic, flipping through the Book of Shadows. She wants more than anything to cast a spell that will send her into the future so she can check on Chris, but she knows that it won’t be the same Chris that she watched die.

She fights to keep her emotions in check in front of Piper. She knows that her big sister needs her to be strong, even though she’ll never admit it.

She glances over to the playpen where Wyatt is playing quietly. She hopes that Chris’s sacrifice accomplished his goal and saved his brother.

Leo orbs around the underworld, a one man execution squad, killing any demon that crosses his path, looking for Barbas so he can exact his revenge.

He is so consumed by rage - a rage caused by the betrayal of Gideon and the loss of Chris. There is a small, rational voice in the back of his mind telling him that his actions will not assuage that rage, but he is able to block that voice as long as he stays busy.

He pushes aside the guilt he feels for not accepting his son outright and vows to avenge his death.

Darryl watches the manor, feeling somewhat guilty for betraying the Halliwells.

He wishes he could erase the memories of his death row experience. It hurts him to not be friends with the Halliwells anymore. Those girls had been like sisters to him for the last few years.

Sheila doesn’t understand the whole situation and he doesn’t want to dredge up those awful memories of almost losing him. She’s talked to the sisters and they’ve assured her that Darryl’s actions did not cost Chris his life.

But Darryl wishes he could stand up for what he believes in like Chris did.

Wyatt knows things are different and he doesn’t understand why. His mommy and his aunts cry all the time. His daddy is never home. His friend Chris doesn’t come to play anymore.

He has a baby brother called Chris, but it’s not his Chris. He misses his Chris.

He hears his mommy and his aunts say that at least Chris saved him and he thinks it's his fault that his friend is gone. He also hears them say that Daddy is just trying to protect him and the baby so he thinks it's his fault his Daddy is gone too.