Charmed - Miscellaneous Drabbles

Title: Fallen Angel
Character: Leo
Written for: Charmed Drabble

“Do you realize the enormity of your actions?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then you understand why we must punish you?”

“Yes. Do you understand that I did what I had to do?”

“Yes, but just because your actions are justifiable does not mean they are unpunishable.”

“I understand.”

“Leo Wyatt, I hereby strip you of your powers as an Elder. You will be allowed to retain your white lighter powers and you will be reinstated as the Charmed Ones white lighter. You are on probation for the next six months. After that period we will review your actions and consider reinstating you.”

Title: Bad Man
Character: Cole
Written for: Charmed Drabble

I look in the mirror and straighten my tie as I prepare for my dinner date with Phoebe Halliwell.

It’s all too easy really. The charmed ones will soon be dead, led like lambs to the slaughter, because of the youngest one’s vulnerability to a good looking man.

I am going to succeed where all other demons have failed before. I am going to be the most sought after demon in the Underworld once the Source glorifies me.

I am going to prove that being half-human is not a hindrance to my demonic activity because I am a bad man.

Title: Before the Council
Character: Patty
Written for: Charmed 100

Patty’s emotions were in turmoil. The Elders wanted to see her and discuss Paige. She didn’t know if they would be glad that there was another Halliwell to reconstitute The Charmed Ones or if they would be horribly angry that she and Sam had kept their daughter a secret for so many years.

She took a deep breath and entered the council room. No matter what happened, no matter what their verdict, she refused to regret her relationship with Sam and the birth of her secret daughter. She had always known that keeping Paige a secret would pay off someday.

Title: New Beginnings
Character: Leo
Warning: Slash subtext
Written for Charmed 100

Leo was excited and sad.

He was excited because he had just been told that he was getting new charges. And not just any charges, but the legendary Charmed Ones. He had heard much about these girls and had watched them grow up. They were finally coming into their powers now that their Grams had passed. He couldn’t wait to start working with them.

But he was sad, because he was going to have to go to Earth and spend time getting to know them. And that meant that he would be leaving Gideon, something he didn’t want to do.

Title: Just the Way You Are
Characters: either Phoebe/Jason or Prue/Andy - take your pick
Author's Note: This is definitely AU - but I wish the writers had given one of these couples this resolution.
Written for: Charmed 100

He gently stroked her back as they lay together, enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking.

She suddenly lifted her head and propped it on her hand, looking him the face with a big smile.


“I’m so glad that I was finally able to share my secret with you.”

He returned her smile. “I am too. I wish you had shared it with me sooner. It would have explained a lot.”

“I know, but it’s not just my secret and I wasn’t sure if you could handle it. Or if you’d still want to be with me.”

“I love you for you, just the way you are, witch or not. Although I admit I was never one to believe in that type of thing. And you did throw me for a loop. I’m just glad you were finally able to trust me.”

“It wasn’t a matter of trusting you, it was a matter of not wanting to lose you because you were scared. My life is dangerous. My sisters and I are always targets. It could put you in the line of fire some time. You have to understand that.”

“I’m willing to take the risk to be with you.”

Title: Pressure
Characters: Daryl
Written for: Charmed 100


Daryl cringed as the Chief made his way to Daryl’s desk. The tone in the Chief’s voice clued Daryl in that he wasn’t going to like whatever it was that was about to be said.

“We just had a call about another murder. Same MO as the three you’re working on. One of the responding officers reported seeing your friend Paige Halliwell around while they were working. Those girls are involved in way too many of our investigations. Get your ass down there and find out what is going on!” The Chief stalked away without giving Daryl a chance to respond.

Daryl sighed and closed his eyes to collect his thoughts. He had just talked to Paige and Phoebe last night about this latest string of murders. At the last scene, he had picked up on some clues that there might be a demonic force at work. The sisters promised to share the information with Piper and Leo and see if they could help him out. Paige’s presence on the scene meant they probably had found a demonic force at work.

He pushed back his chair and put his jacket on. The pressure of covering for the girls’ good deeds was overwhelming. He knew that one of these days, something was going to happen and he would have to stop his association with them. He just hoped it was later rather than sooner, because he really had come to love the girls like sisters.

He consoled himself with the reminder that at least he knew they were good and he knew why they had to do what they did. He remembered Andy, covering for Prue and her sisters out of his love for her, but not knowing until the end, when it was too late, what was going on.

Title: Outside Looking In
Character: Dan
Written for: Charmed 100

here's a club, if you'd like to go
you could meet somebody who really loves you
so you go, and you stand on your own
and you leave on your own

Dan peered in the window of P3. He felt his anger rise as he watched Leo embrace Piper. He knew Leo was a fraud and he couldn’t understand how Piper could fall for his games.

He pushed the doors of the club open, determined to make Piper see the truth about Leo.


He looked in the window and watched Piper kiss Leo. His evidence of Leo’s lies had meant nothing to her. She said she already knew and, while she appreciated Dan’s concern, she knew what she was doing.

So he was alone, again, on the outside looking in.

Title: Ultimate Power
Character:Future!Wyatt - the evil one
Written for: Charmed 100

I am the son
and the heir
of a shyness that is criminally vulgar

My parents were weak. They had powers, but they were too caught up in the good versus evil game to utilize them properly. They never reached their full potential in the supernatural world because they were too busy following the rules. At least they broke the rules once and got married and had me. Now the world will know the power of the Halliwell line. I am the ultimate power in the world and there is no one who can come against me and win. Not even my brother because he suffers the same conscience as our dearly departed parents.