Charmed - Mommy's Good Boy

Title: Mommy’s Good Boy
Written for: Amy
Character: Wyatt
Rating: G

“Who’s mommy’s good boy?”

It really annoys me when my mommy uses that cutesy baby voice.

“How’s my big nephew today?”

My Aunt Phoebe is even worse.

“All right, kid, let’s go.”

Aunt Paige is definitely the sanest adult in my life.

“How’s my boy?”

Daddy gets all mushy since he doesn’t get to see me too often.

Then there is Chris. He used to make me nervous - that’s why I put my shield up around him. He would act sneaky and says weird things to me like - “I’m not going to let you get away with it” and “I’ll do whatever I have to do to stop you.”

But now everyone is saying he’s my brother. I don’t understand that. And he claims that he came back to save me. Save me from what? He told my mommy and daddy and aunts that I am going to grow up to be evil and he had to come back to stop me.

I’m not sure why I would become evil. I know I’ve been a good boy and helped mommy and the aunts kill some bad guys who tried to hurt us. I wouldn’t ever try to hurt anyone who didn’t try to hurt me first though.

Then again, if Aunt Phoebe and mommy don’t stop the baby voices soon, it might be tempting to hurt them.

Ever since Chris told his big secret, I have felt more comfortable around him. I even let him pick me up. Even though he still says he won’t let me turn evil. I guess it’s a good thing to have a brother. I still don’t understand why he’s not my size though. Uncle Daryl’s little boy is my size. Mommy’s sisters are her size. Well, not so much anymore cause Mommy’s belly got real big.

I just wish I could understand everything the grown ups were talking about. And I wish I could tell them that I really am mommy’s good boy and that I promise I won’t be evil when I grow up.