Charmed - Paige Drabbles

Title: Learning Control
Character: Paige
Written for: Charmed 100

Paige was still having trouble learning to control her new powers. The slightest thing startling her would cause her to orb - the ring of a phone, a loud sneeze - she just couldn’t control it.

She had gone out to eat with her sisters the day before and had almost orbed out when the waitress dropped her pen. Luckily, Piper froze the room and Phoebe grabbed her arm in time to keep her from being exposed. Her sisters were being wonderfully supportive, telling her that she would learn to control her powers in time. She just hoped it happened soon.

Title: Starting Again
Characters: Paige/Kyle
Written for: Charmed 100

Paige couldn’t control the tears that streamed down her face. She just couldn’t seem to grasp the idea that Kyle wasn’t really dead.

“I can’t believe you’re here with me again,” she sobbed into his shoulder.

He held her tight. “I understand what a shock this all is to you. Believe me, it hasn’t been the easiest adjustment for me either. One minute the Angel of Death was leading me to this long, bright tunnel and the next I was sitting in a room surrounded by Elders. I’m just glad I had the opportunity to see you again.”

“Me too.”

Title: Bonding
Characters: Paige/Kyle
Written for: Charmed 100

She unconsciously rubbed her hands over her stomach. It was only a few more weeks until her baby was due and she couldn’t wait.

Her baby (she was certain it was a daughter) was the product of the love she and her husband shared but she kicked her mother hard as her father orbed in.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, noting the grimace on her face.

“Your daughter is abusing me already.”

Kyle smiled at his wife. “My daughter, huh?”

“When she’s in trouble, absolutely,” Paige grinned back, basking in the happiness of the new phase she was about to enter.

Title: New Love
Character: Paige/Richard
Written for: Charmed Drabble

He could not get enough of watching his new girlfriend sleep. She was so sweet and loveable in her sleep. It was hard to remember that she was a demon destroying machine when she was awake.

Not that he was unfamiliar with magical ways; his family had just used magic in completely inappropriate ways for his whole life. It was heartening to see a family united in magic instead of divided by it.

He sighed and snuggled up next to her, fitting her into the curve of his body. He fell asleep, hoping she wouldn’t be gone when he woke.