Charmed - Phoebe Drabbles

Title: Wonder Why
Characters: Phoebe
Written for: Charmed 100

Phoebe walked out of her office and tried to suppress the attraction she was feeling for Leslie St. Claire. She had never dreamed that Elise would hire a male ghost writer for her column. The only male advice columnist she had ever met was Spencer Ricks, and he was the biggest chauvinist on the planet. How did Elise expect a man to be Ask Phoebe?

She wondered if Elise was finally losing her mind. She wondered where this Leslie St. Claire had worked before. But most of all, she wondered why she couldn’t stop seeing his face in her mind.

Title: Renewal
Character: Phoebe
Written for: Charmed Drabble

Fear energized and renewed her.

Not having her powers was scary. She knew she had come to rely on them way too much. Sure Leo and Chris were there to protect her. Besides, it wasn’t like her active powers were all that active to begin with.

But she was pumped for this fight. It would feel good to kick some demon ass without being able to levitate or channel their emotions. Just like the good old days with Prue. Back when the power of three was just figuring out how to vanquish every demon. Before Leo was around all the time to heal every scrape and bump and they wore their battle wounds proudly (and painfully).

When the council took away her powers, she was pissed off. Now, she was grateful for the opportunity to prove to her sisters, the council and most importantly herself that she could still kick ass old school style.

She gasped softly as Paige orbed in with Piper. Even though she didn’t have her empath power anymore, she could feel Piper’s confusion, pain and fear for her unborn son.

It was time to start kicking ass. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Title: Hellbound
Characters: Cole and the sisters
Author’s Note: This is a companion piece to Closure.
Written for: Charmed Drabble

He looked deeply in her eyes. She held his gaze for half a second and then averted her eyes.

“Please don’t do this to me. You know you still love me,” he pleaded.

“Part of me will always love you,” she acknowledged, “but you are too dangerous to be on this earth.”

She stepped back and took her sisters’ hands. In the safety of the Power of Three, they began to chant the vanquishing spell that would send Cole to the lowest depths of Hell imaginable. Depths that even his superdemon powers would never be able to climb out of.

Title: Closure
Characters: Phoebe and sisters
Author’s Note: This is a companion piece to Hellbound.
Written for: Charmed Drabble

It had been almost a week since the sisters had vanquished Cole. Paige and Piper were starting to worry about Phoebe’s silence. They were discussing what to do when Phoebe walked into the attic with a sealed envelope and matches in her hands.

“Please don’t ask me any questions, I need to get closure the only way I know how.”

Paige and Piper watched as she created a circle of black candles. She lit a match and touched the tip to the envelope.

She threw the burning envelope in the center of the candles and recited a spell in Latin.