Charmed - Second Chance

Title: Second Chance
Characters: Leo & Chris
Rating: PG

Blood poured out of Chris’s wound. Leo’s healing ability wasn’t working against Gideon’s magic. Leo firmly pressed a clean cloth against Chris’s stomach, trying to stop the bleeding.

“Dad,” Chris said weakly.

Tears welled up in Leo’s eyes when he realized it was the first time Chris had called him Dad.

“What is it son?”

“Go save Wyatt.”

“I’m not leaving you here to die.”

“If you don’t go and save Wyatt, my entire reason for coming back here will be ruined. Please.”

“I want to be there for you once in your life, Chris.”

Chris nodded, seeing the pain of choosing between his sons in Leo’s eyes. “You’ll be there for the me that is about to be born if you save Wyatt. Give me a second chance at a happy childhood and a better future than the one I left. Please. I’ll be fine until you can get back. Your healing didn’t completely work, but it did help.”

Leo’s eyes searched Chris’s to see if he really meant what he said. It was the most tender moment the father and son had shared since Chris’s identity had been revealed. What Leo saw in Chris’s eyes was determination that Wyatt being saved was the most important goal.

“I’ll be back to heal you,” Leo promised, afraid to leave his son’s side.

“I’ll be waiting, Dad,” Chris lied, knowing that he would be dead soon because of the magical wound he suffered. But he realized this was the wrong time to be selfish, that he needed his father to save Wyatt. He watched in silence as Leo orbed out of the bedroom.

Tears streamed down his face, falling silently on the bloodstained sheets.

“I’m sorry I had to lie to you, Dad,” he whispered, as he closed his eyes and saw a bright light.