Charmed - Secret Lovers

Title: Secret Lovers
Written for: Charmed Slash
Pairing: Prue/Paige
Rating: PG-13
Author’s Note: Since this story is set before the Halliwells found out that Paige was their half sister, it’s not technically incest.

Prue snuck down the steps furtively. She did not want to deal with Phoebe and Piper’s questions about where she was going or what she was doing. She opened the door quietly and slipped out into the bright morning sunlight.

As she drove to the small coffee shop a few blocks away, a small smile played on her lips. After Andy died, she never thought she’d be interested in dating again. Much to her surprise, she met someone she was very interested in at the opening of P3. She hadn’t mentioned it to her sisters for several reasons. One being that she didn’t want them in her business since she had no idea if this was a relationship that would ever go anywhere and two because the person she was dating was a woman.

Prue shook her head a little in disbelief that she had found herself attracted to another woman. A significantly younger woman at that. She had always dated men and been attracted to men. ‘Well, there was that one night in college,’ she mused as she turned onto the street where the shop was located and started looking for a parking place. ‘But I was drinking a lot and there was a guy involved.’

She felt butterflies in her stomach as she parked her car and fed the meter with some quarters. They had been out three times since they met at the opening of P3. On their last date, they had shared their first kiss. Prue’s lips tingled a little as she recalled the feel of another woman’s lips pressed against them. So gentle, so different from a man.

She pushed the door of the coffee shop open and her eyes began to scan the room, looking for her date. She knew that this was an early morning for her and wondered if she had arrived yet. Not seeing her date, she decided to sit in a small booth in the back, more discreet. Just as she was about to make her way back there, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

Startled, she turned and found herself starring into the beautiful hazel eyes of her date.

“Thought I’d be late, didn’t you?”

“I know you’re not a morning person,” Prue retorted as she gestured to the small booth in the back. “Let’s sit there.”

The two women made their way to the back of the coffee shop and settled in to the booth. They both felt the sexual tension that radiated between them. They were silent as a waitress approached and took their orders. Once they were alone, Prue spoke first.

“I’m glad you agreed to meet me this morning. I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry about how our date ended the other night.”

The other young woman cut her off. “It’s okay, Prue. I know you’re new to this. I’m not exactly a pro either. I’ve only had two other relationships with women. And I wouldn’t say that I really dated either of them, if you know what I mean.”

Prue smiled. “You’re so wild. So different than the type of person I would normally expect to find myself attracted to.”

“What can I say? I do what I like and I like what I do. Life is too short not to enjoy it to the fullest.”

They shared a warm glance that was interrupted by the waitress delivering their food. They ate in a companionable silence, sharing glances and smiles, their legs occasionally bumping under the table. When their meal was finished, Prue took the check.

“You don’t have to pay,” her date protested.

“I know. But I want to. I have a job. You’re in school. To be a social worker. You’ll never have money,” she joked.

“So, what time do you have to be at work?”

Prue glanced at her watch, knowing what she was really being asked. “I have a meeting at 10 that I can’t miss. What time do you have class?”

“I don’t have class until 10. It’s not quite 8 yet. Want to come over to my place for a while?”

The butterflies in Prue’s stomach started fluttering furiously. She knew what would happen if they went to the apartment together. The kiss they shared the other night had gotten quite passionate before Prue got scared and bolted.

Making a very un-Prue-like decision, she looked her date directly in the eyes. “Sure.”


Paige was shocked that Prue had agreed to come home with her before she went to work and Paige went to class. She had noticed the attractive brunette almost immediately at the opening of that hot new nightclub and was surprised to catch Prue watching her dance. They ended up at the bar as the same time, through careful timing on Paige’s part, and Paige figured she had nothing to lose and said hi. They chatted while waiting for their drinks and Paige surprised herself by asking for Prue’s phone number. She recalled that Prue seemed surprised by the question to, but had given it.

She waited three days before calling. She had slept with women before but never felt an attraction to one quite like the one she felt with Prue. She had been acting on complete instinct when she asked for the older woman’s number and wasn’t 100% sure she wanted to get involved. But remembering those blue eyes boring through her, she decided to call.

They had gone out three times. The last time ending with an extremely passionate kiss. After several minutes of kissing, Paige had decided to make a move to take things further. After all, they were in Prue’s car, parked outside Paige’s apartment, she figured that Prue could spend the night if things heated up much more. She reached for one of Prue’s small, but full breasts. Immediately, Prue broke the kiss and started babbling about needing to get home and to sleep. Paige wanted to kick herself for taking things too fast, Prue told her on their first date that she had never been involved with a woman before. She was surprised to get Prue’s invitation to breakfast that morning. And she was intrigued enough to haul her ass out of bed that early and meet her.

She pulled into a spot in front of her building and saw that Prue had found a parking space a little further down the block.

‘Good thing you cleaned up just in case, Matthews,’ she thought to herself as she waited for Prue to make her way to the door.

They entered the apartment together, sexual tension palpable between them, like an early morning San Francisco fog.

“Want something to drink?” Paige asked, as Prue settled on the old, overstuffed couch.

“No, I’m fine. Thanks.”

Paige tentatively sat on the couch next to Prue. She took Prue’s hand in hers and looked the older woman directly in the eyes.

“Are you sure you are ready to take this step?” she asked, wanting to reassure herself as much as Prue that they were not making a mistake.

Prue’s eyes never left Paige’s. “I always know what I’m doing.” And she leaned in for a kiss.