Charmed - Sister Drabbles

Title: Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
Characters: Piper and Phoebe
Written for: Charmed 100

Piper stood in the doorway of the nursery, watching her two sons sleep. She was so overprotective of baby Chris. She didn’t remember being that concerned about Wyatt. She tried to tell herself it was because Wyatt had his shield and Chris didn’t have one, but she knew deep down inside that it was more than that.

Her son was only one week old and she already felt like she had failed him. He had been so brave, coming back to try and save his family and they couldn’t even get him home again safely. A tiny part of her held out some hope that some magical force had sent him back to his changed future and that he had been healed there, that he wasn’t really gone.

She knew that her baby was safe and she knew that she would always do whatever it took to keep him that way. And she prayed that the baby would turn out as wonderful as the young man who had spent so many months with them.

She was so lost in thought, that she didn’t hear the soft footsteps behind her.

“Sweetie, what are you still doing up?” Phoebe’s quiet inquiry startled her. “You should get some rest while the boys are sleeping.”

Piper sighed. “I know. But it’s hard to leave them alone and unprotected. I haven’t had a decent night of sleep since Chris was born.”

“I know. I’ll sit here with him if it will make you feel better. You need to get some rest or you won’t be able to protect the boys if a demon attacks.”

Piper gave her sister a grateful smile.

“Thank you, Phoebs.” She walked in and gave each boy a gentle kiss. “Good night, my angels. Aunt Phoebe will watch over you tonight.”

Title: Pot meet the Kettle
Characters: Phoebe and Prue with a tiny bit of Piper
Written for: Charmed 100

“I just cannot understand how my sister can think it is okay to date a demon!”

“Did you ever hear that saying about the pot not calling the kettle black, Prue?”

“What are you talking about? I never dated a demon.”

“No, but you slept with a demon’s minion. Piper and I were worried sick, thinking you got kidnapped, and you were getting laid by someone who tried to kill us.”

“Bane was not a demon.”

“And Cole is half human.”

“Yeah, only half Phoebe. Piper, please help me out here.”

“Keep me out of this. It’s between you two.”

Title: People in Glass Houses
Characters: Prue and Phoebe
Written for: Charmed 100

You shut your mouth
how can you say
I go about things the wrong way?

“I am so sick and tired of you questioning my judgment, Prue. You’re my big sister, not my mother!”

“Well, you’re dating a demon, Phoebe. A demon who has tried to kill us on several occasions. And you lied to me and Piper about vanquishing him. I’d say questioning your judgment is completely warranted.”

The sisters were silent for a moment, staring at each other, anger glittering in both their eyes.

Phoebe broke the silence first.

“You were pretty angry with us when we questioned your judgment for sleeping with Bane,” she threw the verbal punch in a soft voice.

Title: Forgiveness
Characters: Phoebe, Prue
Written for: Charmed 100

I- will be watching over you.

Phoebe tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep. The guilt she felt over Prue’s death was palpable. She knew it was her fault for bringing Cole into their lives., for not vanquishing him and that he took her to the underworld and that Prue died trying to save her.

Prue’s spirit hovered above Phoebe’s bed.

“It’s okay, Phoebes. It was my time. It wasn’t your fault. You need to be strong. You and Piper need to stick together. I love you and I do not blame you. I’ll be watching over you, even if you don’t see me there.”

Title: The Lizard King
Characters: Phoebe, Paige & Piper
Written for: Charmed 100

“What the hell is that thing?” Piper panted as she and her sisters ran into the attic.

Paige quickly flipped through the book, looking for the monster that had just attacked in their kitchen and was currently attempting to break down the attic door.

“Hurry up, Paige!” Phoebe yelled.

“Got it. It’s a lizard demon. They’re sort of like vampires, if you kill the king, you destroy all his minions.”

“So we’re going after the lizard king?” Piper asked.

“I wonder if a bottle of whiskey and a lot of drugs would distract him,” Paige joked.

Phoebe and Piper groaned.

Title: Five to One
Characters: Phoebe, Paige, Piper & Leo
Written for: Charmed 100

Phoebe kicked, punched and blocked, turning this way and that, fighting off the attackers from every side. She was panting, sweat dripping down her face, as she for Paige and Piper with the vanquishing potion.

The bright whitish blue lights sparkled in, announcing the arrival of the cavalry.

“Take that!” Paige yelled as she and Piper began throwing vials at the demons.

After they were all vanquished, Piper called Leo to inspect and heal Phoebe’s wounds.

“Five to one and all you got was that scratch?” he asked, obviously impressed.

“They just picked the wrong witch to attack,” she replied.

Title: Just Another Vanquish
Characters: Piper, Paige & Phoebe
Written for: Charmed Drabble

“Thanks for watching Wyatt, Paige. I get so much more done at the club without him.”

“It’s no problem, Piper. I don’t mind watching him. I know Alien Ant Farm is going to draw a huge crowd at the club.”

Piper kissed her baby goodbye and started out the door. She was stopped by a loud crashing noise, followed by Paige yelling, “Piper!”

Piper ran into the Conservatory, only to see a demon ready to attack her sister and her son.

She flicked her wrists to blow him up, but nothing happened.

“Paige - go get Phoebe fast! We’re going to need the Power of Three to vanquish this one.”

Paige disappeared in a ring of orbs as Piper kicked the demon, knocking him off balance. Out of motherly concern she noticed that Wyatt had activated his force field.

Piper fought with the demon for a few minutes before her sisters’ orbed back in.

“It’s about time!”

“Sorry, we were working on an article about dating in the new millennium,” Phoebe apologized.

“Vanquish now, apologies later!”

All three sisters began to chant, “The power of three will set us free.” After a few repetitions, the demon burst into flames and disappeared.

Title: Nothing Important Happened Today
Characters: Phoebe, Paige & Piper
Written for: Charmed Drabble

Phoebe entered P3 and walked over to her sisters’ regular booth. Paige and Piper looked very relaxed, surrounded by empty bottles.

“Hey Phoebes!” Paige greeted their middle sister. “How was work?”

“It was fine. How is everything for tonight?” she directed her question at their oldest sister, who owned the club. They had a special guest band in tonight and Piper was generally quite stressed on those days.

“Everything is great. The band is in the back room resting before the show. We have a good crowd. No problems so far.”

“That’s great!” Phoebe smiled at the waiter who brought a fresh round of drinks to sisters.

After the waiter walked away, Phoebe turned to Paige. “And what did you do today, Ms. Super Temp?”

Paige laughed. “I actually had the day off.”

“No supernatural emergencies?”

“Nope. Nothing important happened today.”

“Shh!” Piper interrupted. “For once we had a normal day. Let’s not jinx it! No demon attacks, no innocents to be saved, no work emergencies. It feels good!”

The sisters nodded in agreement.

“I propose a toast!” Phoebe exclaimed. “To nothing important days!”

The girls clinked bottles as the band took the stage.

Title: Three of a Kind
Characters: Piper, Phoebe, & Paige
Author’s Note: I don’t know if the girls were actually dating Greg, Jason, and Richard at the same point, but I had this idea and I had to go with it!
Written for: Charmed Drabble

Greg, Jason and Richard stood impatiently in the foyer of the manor, looking at each other uncomfortably, each wondering whose brilliant idea it had been for a triple date.

They could hear the sounds of the sisters’ last minute preparations upstairs.

Finally the girls descended the steps. Each went to her boyfriend and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

Piper, as always, took charge.

“Okay, guys, are we ready to hit P3?”

“Yep, let’s roll. I’ll drive,” Phoebe replied, adjusting her necklace.

Paige noticed Phoebe’s fidgeting and stepped closer to her sister.

“Hey! That’s my necklace!”

Phoebe blushed a little. “I’m sorry Paige, but I haven’t seen you wear it in a while and it matched this top perfectly.”

“That’s fine, but you could have asked.”

In the meantime, Piper noticed Paige’s shoes.

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black,” she came to Phoebe’s defense.

Paige turned to her oldest sister. “Um… what do you mean?”

“I think those shoes are mine.”

“Oh… well… technically… they are,” Paige answered weakly.

“And I don’t recall you asking if you could borrow them.”

“Probably because I didn’t,” Paige had her head down. “I was going to… but you weren’t home.”

“Well, I’ll let you slide if you let Phoebe slide,” Piper compromised.

“And since you defended me, I’ll let you slide,” Phoebe interjected with a pointed look at Piper.


“That’s my black skirt.”

Piper blushed. “I’m sorry, I borrowed it a few weeks ago when I was running late for the club and Wyatt spilled his lunch on me and I didn’t have anything else clean.”

All three sisters burst out laughing.

“I guess we’re three of a kind?” Paige laughed.

“Sorry about that, guys,” Phoebe apologized.

All three men just exchanged a glance. Dating the Halliwell sisters was never dull.

Title: A Little Prank
Characters: Piper and Phoebe
Written for: Charmed 100

Phoebe slammed the door behind her as she rushed in after a tough day at work.

She followed her nose to the kitchen, where she found Piper stirring a big pot on the stove.

“That smells delicious! I’m famished. When are we eating?”

Piper raised her eyebrows at her sister.

“You must be hungry if you think that lavender, jimsonweed, and mandrake root smell wonderful.”

Piper laughed as her sister’s face turned green.

“I’m kidding. Relax. It’s vegetable soup and it will be ready in 5 minutes. I even baked fresh bread. Go set the table and call Paige, please.”