Heroes - Domesticity, or, Even Psychopath Killers Do Mundane Things Sometimes

Title: Domesticity, or, Even Psychopath Killers Do Mundane Things Sometimes
Character: Sylar
Fandom: Heroes
Spoilers: Very vague for the show - nothing that will spoil for the finale.
Summary: Just how does Sylar acquire those powers?
Author's Note: This is TOTAL CRACK and I blame thebratqueen. If you're not now or never have been part of FH, you probably won't find it quite as funny.

Gabriel Grey likes his new life. He likes his new name, his new abilities and the fact that he has a new purpose. He is Sylar now and he is special. He's going to be someone.

He moves around the kitchen with ease; he's always liked to cook and bake, something his mother instilled in him early on. 'Women like a man who cooks' she always said. And he wanted to be the kind of guy that women liked, so he soaked up everything she taught him.

Flour, sugar, eggs, shortening, spices. He pulls everything from his well stocked cabinet and lines it up on the counter so he can start mixing. While he works, he thinks about the new power he'll have soon. The thought of moving things with his mind is terribly exciting to him. He scoops the dough out on a tray and slides the tray into the oven, sets the timer and goes to shower. By the time he's done, so are the cookies. He lets them cool while he pours a glass of milk.

This is his favorite part of the ritual. He loves to feel the new power coursing through his system.

Sylar takes a plate with snickerdoodles and a glass of milk into the living room, anxious to acquire his new power.