Gilmore Girls/Smallville - The Internship Interview

Title: The Internship Interview
Characters: Rory (Gilmore Girls) and Chloe (Smallville)
Rating: PG

“Mom,” Rory said as she arrived at The Daily Planet offices. She was nervous about her interview for a summer internship and her mother’s blathering about Kirk’s latest escapade wasn’t helping to calm her.

A blonde girl about her age walked past and smiled at Rory as she entered the offices. Rory figured she was interviewing for the internship and was jealous that she didn’t have an annoying mother to deal with.

“Mom!” Rory interrupted her mother’s monologue by raising her voice slightly. “As fascinating as Kirk’s adventures usually are, I really need to go. I’m here and if I don’t hang up right now, I’m going to be late for my interview. Yes mom, I love you too. I’ll call you when I’m done.” Rory flipped her phone shut, took a deep breath and walked into the office of the greatest newspaper in the country.

Okay, that might be an overstatement, but Rory was excited that The Daily Planet had liked her portfolio enough to interview her. She could have had an easy internship at one of the newspapers owned by her boyfriend’s father, but she wanted to do something on her own. Logan didn’t understand why she wouldn’t work with him, but it was important to her that she accomplish this on her own.

She gave the receptionist her name and was waved to a waiting area where about five other college age students were waiting, including the blonde Rory had seen while she was outside. She decided to sit next to her.

“Hi, I’m Chloe,” the blonde introduced herself immediately, flashing Rory a megawatt smile and holding out her hand.

“I’m Rory,” she responded with a weak smile, shaking Chloe’s hand.

“So are you nervous about the interview?” Chloe asked.

“A little,” Rory admitted.

“Me too. I’ve only written for my high school newspaper in Smallville, Kansas.”

“You don’t write for your college paper?”

“I couldn’t afford to go to college, so I’m flying blind here,” Chloe confessed.

Rory was impressed. Chloe must be an excellent journalist to get an interview at The Daily Planet without even being a college student.

“Where do you go?” Chloe asked.

“Yale,” Rory answered, a little embarrassed.

“Wow,” Chloe said softly. She smiled though. “Somehow I knew you’d be my only real competition here,” she whispered so only Rory would hear.

Rory laughed. “I think we could really be friends, Chloe.”