A Father's Gift

Title: A Father’s Gift
Rating: PG
Category: Parody
Summary: A father gives his son the gift of a lifetime.
Author’s Note: This is dedicated to Feath. I hope it gives you something to laugh about!


“Son, please, come in and sit down. There is something you and I need to discuss.”

“What’s wrong, pop?”

“Nothing is wrong, son. It’s just that I have something very important I want to share with you.”

The father and son both settled comfortably in the big, soft leather chairs in the den. There were a few moments of silence as the father studied his son, wondering if he were up to the task.

‘Well, it’s too late to turn back now,’ the father thought to himself.

Taking a deep breath, he plunged right in.

“Son, most people don’t receive an inheritance from their parents until after their parents have passed away. But your mother and I have decided that the time is right for you to receive your inheritance.”

The son was shocked.

“My inheritance? Pop, are you or mom sick?”

“No, son, we’re perfectly healthy. It’s just that your inheritance involves a little bit more than money and we’d like to be around to watch you enjoy it.”

By now, the son was thoroughly confused (not that he was ever the brightest bulb). He could not even begin to fathom what kind of inheritance his father was talking about.

The father, recognizing the completely bewildered look on his son’s face, chuckled a bit before speaking.

“Son, how would you like to be the President of the United States?”