Title: Bounty
Rating: PG-13 for sexual implications
Category: Humor
Summary: A soldier smuggles something very important on base.

“Miller! Where are you going?”

Josh turned around quickly and saluted his superior officer.

“I’m just heading down to the commissary, sir.”

“Have a nice day.”

Josh let his breath out as the superior officer walked away. He was on a mission and was determined not to get caught. The other guys in his group were counting on him to succeed. He glanced at his watch - it was almost 21:30 - the time for his rendezvous behind the commissary.

Eyes darting around him to make sure he wouldn’t be ambushed by any more superiors, he ducked around the side of the building, dodging the attacking tree branches and made his way to the designated spot.

His eyes were slowly adjusting to the darkness of this place when a voice startled him.

“It’s about time you showed up.”

“What do you mean? We said 21:30 and by my watch it is 21:31. I got stopped by a superior officer on the way over here.”

“Which superior officer? Did they ask where you were going? Are you sure you weren’t followed? I can’t take the risk of you being caught with this and someone finding out it came from me.”

“Don’t worry, it was Jensen. He smiled, nodded and went on his merry way to meet the Widow Anderson for a little fun. Now enough chit-chat, do you have the stuff?”

Josh heard the faint crinkling of a brown paper bag.

“It’s right here. You got the money?”

Josh reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded stack of bills. He held out his arm. The shadow finally moved forward from the trees and snatched the money from Josh’s hand. It retreated quickly and Josh could hear the rustling of the bills as they were counted.

“Hey, you gave me an extra ten bucks. Thanks.”

“Well, we do appreciate the risk you are taking to get this to us. And you have no idea how much we appreciate it.”

Josh’s words were met with a low chuckle. “Yeah, I do know.”

The figure came out of the shadows again and handed Josh the brown paper bag.

Josh reached inside to inspect the merchandise. A smile spread across his face when he saw the quality of the items.

“Thanks, this is good stuff.”

“You know I don’t deal with anything but the best. Same time next week?”

“I can’t see why not. If there is a change of plans, I’ll contact you.”

“Remember,” the voice was starting to sound a little distant, “if you get caught, you didn’t get it from me.”

Josh waited in the darkness until the soft footfalls of his contact were a distant memory. Then he quietly made his way back to his bunk.

He was eagerly greeted by his fellow soldiers. They were all clamoring for the items in the bag.

“Relax gentlemen. There is plenty here for everyone.” Josh unceremoniously dumped the contents of the bag onto his bed. Hands grabbed from every direction until the bed was clear.

Within minutes, the guys were happily discussing their bounty.

“Woah! Check out Miss January!”

“Oh, she is nothing compared to Miss October!”

“Wait, wait… did you guys see this centerfold from last month’s Playboy?”

“Is she the one with the 20 inch waist and the 38 inch double D tits?”

One of the guys stepped forward and quieted down the room.

“Josh, thank you once again for hooking us up. I don’t understand why they don’t want us to have these around here. Please make sure you tell your brother how much we appreciate it!”