The Auction

Title: The Auction
Rating: PG
Category: Romance
Summary: Brent didn’t know what he got himself into.

He cringed, listening to his own voice as it said: "Sure, I can do that."

“Wonderful! We’ll look forward to seeing you at the bachelor auction next Saturday night! It starts at 8. Don’t be late!” She walked away, laughing to herself at the rhyme she had just made.

Eyes wide, he watched her walk away. He could not believe he had just agreed to be auctioned off for charity.

His friend Jake’s voice startled him out of his shock.

“She got ya, huh dude?”

“Yeah, she got me. Why did I let her talk me into it?”

“Cause you want her? Lust will do funny things to a guy.”

Brent sighed. “I guess that must be it. Deep down I’m hoping she’ll bid on me. But what are the chances of that?”


Alyssa walked away from Brent as fast as she could. She needed to be out of his earshot and sight before making a very important phone call.

“Kelly? It’s me. Guess what! I just got Brent to agree to be auctioned off next week… Yes I am planning to bid on him… However much it takes… Well I’ve been throwing signals out that I’m interested for close to a month now and he hasn’t picked them up yet… well I would like to be more subtle than a sledgehammer… thanks… I can’t wait until Saturday night… I have no clue what to wear, I guess we need to hit the mall.”

Brent stood in the back of the room with the other eligible bachelors. He was uncomfortable in his rented tux. Jake was hanging out with him for moral support.

“Dude, quit fidgeting! You’re going to wrinkle your nice monkey suit and then what girl is going to want you?”

Brent rolled his eyes. “Will you shut up. You’re making me more nervous than I already am. Go away.”

“No way, dude, I’m here for you 100 percent!”

Brent’s nervousness increased as the line in front of him got shorter and shorter and the bachelors were auctioned off one by one.

“Dude, she hasn’t bid at all yet. I bet she is required to since she’s running this shindig.”

“You know, I hadn’t thought of that. Jake, you’re a genius!”

“Well, I dunno about all that… but it makes sense. Maybe she is waiting for you.”

The butterflies in Brent’s stomach started fluttering even faster at that thought. He was trying so hard not to get his hopes up.

Suddenly, he was next in line.

“Hey Brent. You’re up next.” He knew Kelly vaguely because she was one of Alyssa’s friends.

“I guess that means it is too late to back out?” he tried a joke.

Kelly smiled. “Just relax. You’re going to make some lady very happy tonight.” She gave him a nudge as the MC called his name.

The bright lights beating down on him made him feel like a piece of meat. The MC was rattling off all his vital information, age, occupation, hobbies. He held his breath as the MC opened the bidding at $50. What if no one wanted him. He would be completely embarrassed.

Much to his surprise, he heard a few female voices calling out, raising the stakes. He couldn’t figure out who was calling out what numbers but he realized they were up to $300. The MC started to say going once when a strong, familiar female voice broke in.

“Five Hundred Dollars.”

A gasp went through the audience as everyone looked to see who had skipped protocol and jumped the amount so high.

Brent didn’t need to look. He would recognize Alyssa’s voice anywhere. Relief coursed through his body as he realized that she must like him to spend so much money to keep another girl from getting a date with him.

“Sold to the lovely lady in red for $500,” the MC exclaimed. “Come on up and claim your prize honey.”

Brent could not contain his smile as Alyssa joined him on the stage. Everyone applauded for them and Alyssa escorted him to a private area.

“I can’t believe you spent $500 for a date with me. I would have gladly taken you out for free!”

Alyssa rolled her eyes.

“Well, I figured you were taking too long and I needed to take matters in to my own hands.”

Brent stared at her, amazed.

“Taking too long? I was terrified you’d turn me down!”

Alyssa laughed.

“I guess Kelly’s sledgehammer idea would have been cheaper and just as effective.”