X-Men - A Friend in Need

Title: A Friend in Need
Characters: John (Pyro) and Bobby (Iceman)
Rating: PG-13 for sexual situations

John was on the prowl and it made Bobby uneasy.

“Check out the one in the pink leather mini skirt, dude!” he exclaimed as he flicked his lighter open and closed, open and closed.

“Yeah, she’s cute,” Bobby agreed half heartedly. His heart was still with Marie, but she hadn’t elected to attend with Bobby and John, saying that she needed to gain some independence and try to make it on her own. Bobby still didn’t understand why. He liked being around other mutants, it made him feel less conspicuous.

John rolled his eyes. “Dude, are you still thinking about Rogue?

Bobby’s quick downward gaze confirmed John’s suspicions.

“Aw come on, man. We’re at a college party with college chicks and you’re thinking about some girl you’ve been dating for like three years that you can’t even touch who didn’t want to come to the same college as you. If you’re going to sulk all night, I’m striking out on my own. I sure don’t plan to go home alone.”

Bobby watched as John walked up to a small group of girls, including the blonde in the pink leather mini skirt.


John was totally buzzed and he hadn’t even been drinking. Since leaving Bobby to sulk against the wall, he’d been chatting up several girls and he knew he would definitely be able to leave with one of them. He had lost his virginity during the year he spent with Magneto, which was about the only good thing he could say about that year. He had been so glad to see Cyclops and Storm descending on Magneto’s lair.

But John had an agenda tonight. It was his first weekend at college and his first college party and he wanted to have sex with a college girl. He was trying to convince Bobby to do the same. He knew his friend was still technically a virgin. He and Rogue had fooled around a lot, but they hadn’t come up with a way around Rogue’s powers so they hadn’t been able to go all the way.

“What dorm are you in?” a voice slurred against John’s ear. He looked to see Katy, the blonde in the pink leather mini skirt that he’d been eying all night. She was barely able to stand and she definitely had lust on the brain.

“Stafford Hall.”

“You got a roommate?”

“Yeah, but we’re in a suite, so we have private bedrooms.”

“Cool.” Katy’s smile held all the promises that John was looking for.

“Want to come over?”

“Sure. Lemme jus tell my friends I’m leavin’.”

John watched as Katy stumbled across the room and whispered to a trio of overly made up girls, who all shot him curious stares and looked at Katy with jealousy. She found her purse and made her way back to where John was waiting.

“I’m ready,” she said, grasping his arm.

John led her across the campus to his dorm building. He wondered if he should be making small talk as they walked, but decided he was completely inadequate in that area and since Katy seemed to be enjoying the silence, he wasn’t going to break it.

They made it to his building and he led her up the flight of stairs to his floor. Luckily his room was on the end of the hall, because she was getting progressively more unsteady on her feet. He opened the door quietly and took her inside.

“Which one’s your room?”

“This one,” he said, indicating a door to his right. “Go on in and make yourself comfortable. I’ll grab us a couple of sodas and be right there.”

Katy giggled and followed his instructions.

John grabbed a couple cans from the small refrigerator in the kitchenette and wondered when the butterflies had started fluttering around his stomach. He’d never done the seduction bit before. His only experience had been with Mystique and she’d taken the lead. He took a couple of deep breaths to steady his nerves and headed for the room, faking confidence.

He walked in and nearly dropped the sodas when he saw Katy reclined on his bed in nothing but a tiny black bra and a lacy thong. He gulped, realizing he didn’t have to worry about seducing anyone and saying a quick prayer that he wouldn’t fumble around like a complete novice.

“Whyn’t you put those down for later and come’re?” she slurred, winking deliberately.

John wasted no time in joining her on the bed. They began to kiss and soon were making out hot and heavy. Katy expertly unbuckled John’s belt and she began to remove his jeans. John recited the elements of the periodic table in his head to keep from ending this experience before it began.

Katy’s lacy thong and tiny black bra were history within minutes and the only thing standing between them were John’s silk boxers. He pulled away from Katy and knelt on the bed to remove his boxers.

“You have protection, right?” she slurred.

John closed his eyes in stupidity. He hadn’t even considered buying condoms. His one and only experience with Mystique hadn’t required them because she was sterile.

“Maybe your roommate has some,” Katy suggested helpfully, realizing by John’s expression that he wasn’t prepared.

John was about to scoff off her suggestion when he remembered that Bobby had indeed purchased condoms before they left the mansion. It was yet another failed attempt for he and Rogue to make love before leaving for college. The latex hadn’t been quite enough to inhibit her powers. John was willing to bet anything that Bobby had packed them though. He was way too paranoid to leave something like that in his room at the mansion.

“You’re a genius,” he said to Katy, jumping up and running out of the room.

He knocked frantically on Bobby’s door. Bobby flung the door open, rubbing his eyes.

“Is the building on fire?”


“Why are you knocking on my door at 3 AM in your boxers then?”

“Did you bring those condoms with you?”


“Did you pack those condoms that you and Marie bought?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I need one.”


“What do you mean no?”

“I mean no, you should have planned ahead.”

"Oh, come on, it's not like you're going to use it anyway."

“Hopefully I’ll need them soon. Hank has been working really hard to figure out a way to control Marie’s powers. I’ve waited three years and I want to be prepared when we’re finally able to do it.”

“If you give me one, I promise I will go out tomorrow and buy you a box of twelve so you’ll be more than prepared. Come on, dude. Help out a friend in need.”

Bobby sighed. “Fine. I know if I don’t give you one, you’ll just keep bugging me all night and I want to get some sleep.” He walked to his bureau and took a box out of the top drawer. “Here’s two, just in case. But you owe me a whole new box.”

“Fine, fine. Thanks dude. I promise I’ll make this up to you.” John grabbed the condoms and ran back to his room.

“All right, baby, we’re good to go,” he said, taking off his boxers and walked to the bed. He laid down next to Katy and began to stroke her leg. She didn’t respond, even though the same actions twenty minutes ago had her gasping. He leaned over to kiss her and heard her softly snoring.

John groaned inwardly. She must have passed out from being drunk. He couldn’t believe how stupid he’d been. He tried unsuccessfully to wake her up for almost five minutes and by then, he realized it didn’t matter if she woke up, the mood was definitely ruined. Shaking his head at his own stupidity, he tucked the condoms in his own bureau drawer, covered Katy with his blanket and got his sleeping bag out of the closet. He was enough of a gentleman that he spent the rest of the night on the couch. There’d always be another party.